Monday, February 14, 2011

When Random Isn't So Random

Originally uploaded by sandyquiltz
My MIL's quilt in progress. All the units just waiting patiently to be sewn into blocks. One would think it should be easy. Scrap quilt, you say? Just pick up the pieces at random and sew them together. Just go with the flow, use the force, whatever. And yet...

So I decided the best way to go random would be to "slightly sort" them as I stacked them, so I could get a feel for how each finished block would look. Really, the only thing I was trying to control was not having two fabrics end up in the same block. Although I'm not keen on a bunch of directional prints all ending up in one block either. Or too much green, or too much pink...

So. Planned Randomness.

It was all going swimmingly until the phone rang with a call I had to catch...and I lost track of where I was. I counted the stacks and thought I had caught up with myself, but when I got to the end, I had a couple left over. Which meant the blocks I thought I was forming were all a couple of strips off.

Natch, the second one I checked had two of the same fabrics in it. As did the next....

Bag it. I was just doing this while dinner was cooking anyway--no intent to start sewing tonight. Tomorrow I'll start fresh with new planned randomness.